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Heavenly Desire review (1979)

Dir. Jaacov Jaacovi

By: Steve Pulaski

Rating: ★★½

Jaacov Jaacovi’s Heavenly Desire opens by setting the scene for an entirely different film. We’re plunged into an Old West brothel, anchored by the dashing duo of Mary-Lou (Seka, in her film debut) and Rosebud. Not five minutes after Mary-Lou and a hunk get it on is the same man challenged to a duel by a notorious outlaw. He fires his shot on an angle, accidentally killing both Mary-Lou and Rosebud

In the afterlife, they meet the Devil (Johnnie Keyes), who grants them an opportunity to be admitted into “Hooker Heaven” (aka Hell) on one condition: they’re able to corrupt a group of virginal sorority girls. Mary-Lou and Rosebud can’t be seen by mortals, although their forces can felt and their voices heard. In one scene, Rosebud assists Sue (Dani Williams), who is uneasy about losing her virginity with her boyfriend, in sexual exploration as Sue explains to her sorority mom (Eileen Wells) her fears of going all the way. The scene itself climaxes with Serena vaginally fisting both Wells and Williams — fairly taboo in the late seventies.

Heavenly Desire is filled with erotic bursts of steam like that one. It’s a porno littered with silly sequences and a light-hearted aura that never takes its premise too seriously. It’s a casual parody of the Warren Beatty film Heaven Can Wait, which was popular at the time. It’s not beholden to constant references of that flick, and when it does take the bait, it comes across as cheeky rather than corny.

Seka’s film debut is a big winner. She dazzles alongside Serena as the two bring a distinguished level of beauty and sexual prowess to the comparatively inexperienced sorority house. Seka commands her scenes with the same energy and elegance that would lead her to being billed as the “Platinum Princess of Porn” just a few short years later. Meanwhile, Serena and Johnnie Keyes have palpable chemistry with one another. Their sex-scene is juxtaposed with another sorority girl’s first time. It’s liable to give even experienced viewers a head-rush of excitement.

Heavenly Desire fittingly concludes with the Devil initiating one big sorority orgy where the girls trade partners, involve the owners of the house, and feel the unseen forces of Mary-Lou and Rosebud in leg-trembling ways. Jaacov Jaacovi’s production looks and operates like many pornos of this era: it’s just as accomplished technically as a Hollywood B-movie, albeit with some occasionally shoddy sound. When that happens, as infrequent as it is, it’s best to sit back and appreciate the eye-candy, as it is en masse in every shot.

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Starring: Seka, Serena, Jonnie Keyes, Aubrey Nichols, John Holmes, Jamie Gillis, Dani Williams, Eileen Wells, and Mike Ranger.

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