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Pulaski began making music in 2014, working closely with his friend/collaborator Josh Witt. It was less about trying to make the next hit song and more about channeling another creative passion. Pulaski and Witt collaborated on both Keeping it 3Hunna (2015) and The Oldest Soul (2016), with Witt serving as the producer for the projects. Pulaski self-recorded his third mixtape, 3 Much, and released it in 2017. Following a brief retirement from writing/recording, Pulaski has since linked up with Elijah Bacerra, who produced a handful of tracks forĀ 3 Much.

“Last Sprite”

“Sicc Three Ohh”

“Hands Tied”

“First Day Back” (Music Video)

“Jared Goff”

“Panda (Remix)”

“Tiananmen (Intro)”

About Steve Pulaski

Steve Pulaski has been reviewing movies since 2009 for a barrage of different outlets. He graduated North Central College in 2018 and currently works as an on-air radio personality. He also hosts a weekly movie podcast called "Sleepless with Steve," dedicated to film and the film industry, on his YouTube channel. In addition to writing, he's a die-hard Chicago Bears fan and has two cats, appropriately named Siskel and Ebert!

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